I’m actually really mad at myself right now

My motivation just flat lined AGIAN and the event ends tomorrow and I haven’t gotten the lantern stuff done and just

I am literally so frustradeted right now

I just don’t want to do anything

I’ve literally had paint open for hours and I just can’t bring myself to get anything done!

Bllaaah I dun wanna do anything but I gotta

Okay I know you saw one of them yesterday but it’s the only most recent picture I have.

The other’s from all the way back in 2009

I dunno why but I`ve suddenly become really busy???? I can’t get on today at all but tomorrow hopefully

I see everyone’s doing Throwback Tuesday tho

I am not digging up old art toomuchembarrassment

I drew this old character of mine

Then I fixed it up lineless style

Dear Art Gods, please tell me how to get my art to not look like complete garbage.


I plan on doing things tomorrow soooo…..

Cedric’s Lantern: Closed
Cedric finding a lantern: Closed

Amaya’s Lantern: Closed
Amaya finding a lantern: Closed

Message me if you’re interested!